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Our Services

Expertise. Integrity. Commitment.
We provide services to young and older adults who have complex needs following a serious or catastrophic brain injury, orthopaedic injuries and/or polytrauma.

We work with clients during and following personal injury and clinical negligence litigation and accept referrals from claimant solicitors, insurers, defendant solicitors, financial deputies and directly from clients.

We predominantly provide services within Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire.  However, due to our geographical position, we are also well-placed to provide services bordering on Lincolnshire including parts of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Norfolk. 

Initial Needs Assessments

Thorough. Considered. Justified

We complete initial needs assessments under unilateral instruction, or joint instruction under The Rehabilitation Code.

Our assessments follow a biopsychosocial model of reporting, describing the client's injuries at an impairment, activity and participation level, providing a framework for determining the client's needs and planning holistic rehabilitation and care.  Our process ensures that all areas of an individual's circumstances and needs are considered in comprehensive, appropriate depth.  This includes gathering information directly from the client and significant others, liaising with involved services and reviewing medical records and reports if available. 


Our assessment reports are written in a format which clearly identifies and evidences the client's needs and links these to carefully considered and justified recommendations, a case management plan and an initial rehabilitation costs plan for a defined period.

Clinical Case Management

SMART.  Client-focused. Responsive

We provide case management services pre and post settlement of personal injury or clinical negligence claims, under unilateral or joint instruction.

Client goals, SMART objectives and close team working are key to our service delivery.

Every individual within a client's team, including the client, family members, therapists and support staff is valued and supported, to promote the cohesion needed to get the best out of the team as a whole. 

Regular contact is maintained with referrers throughout the case management process.  Formal progress reports are provided at timely intervals depending on the individual case. ​

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Support Service

Specialist. Person-Centred. Leadership 

Where appropriate, we offer a direct employment service to our clients who require a support package.

Our processes and systems ensure we deliver a rigorous person-centred service for clients and staff, ensuring continuous scrutiny and auditing of support packages and quick responses to changing needs or circumstances.

Staff are given the time, support and training they need, to equip them with the necessary skills, confidence and resilience to undertake their frontline role within the client's rehabilitation programme.

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